iTTi – Italy for School is an institution with a decade-long experience in English language teaching. One of its distinctive features is its close collaboration with public schools for English teaching projects.

This collaboration provides a unique opportunity for teachers and students participating in the TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course to put their acquired theoretical knowledge into practice. Teachers will have the chance to observe teaching dynamics in various public schools, interacting with regular teachers and observing students during English lessons.

This practical experience is highly valuable as it allows TEFL candidates to apply the theoretical principles learned during the course in a real classroom setting. Direct observation of English lessons in public schools enables trainee teachers to develop effective teaching skills adaptable to different situations and learning levels.

Moreover, candidates taking part in the TEFL course at Italy for School have the opportunity to gain work experience at iTTi in Italy. This acquired experience can be a significant advantage for future job opportunities worldwide, demonstrating their ability to teach English to students from diverse nationalities and cultural backgrounds.

In conclusion, Italy for School provides a unique experience in the field of English language teaching by allowing TEFL candidates to put their theoretical knowledge into practice through classroom observation in public schools. Additionally, the opportunity to accumulate experience at “Italy for School” in Italy serves as an advantage for future teaching opportunities in the English language sector worldwide.